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HOMNTEC windows and doors are manufactured using imported German machines with high quality raw materials. The quality is trustworthy.

Product Categories



  • Environmentally friendly
    Aluminum-clad wood products have better sealing and thermal insulation performance, scientifically reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources caused by heating and cooling, and are more friendly
    to the environment.
  • Natural wood
    Select high-quality famous wood, the structure is more stable, not easy to deform, and the natural and clean texture allows the family to feel the pure breath of the original nature.

How We work

As a professional manufacturer of custom windows and doors, we have a perfect service process.



We will determine our design concept according to the customer's decoration style to ensure that the designed windows and doors fit the environment.



The designer will design the doors and windows according to the determined design concept. After confirming the design with the customer, we will hand over the design to the factory for production.



Our factory will start scheduling production after we get the design. As the largest industrial base of aluminum clad wood doors and windows in China, we will finish the production very quickly.


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Yes, we have 22 years of experience in the industry and are able to provide customers with window and door designs. And turn the design into reality.

Yes, with years of industry experience HOMNTEC has accumulated a large number of window and door templates for customers to choose from. Because of our abundant material inventory, we can quickly produce and process the formwork after the customer has selected it.

Our website shows many classic cases, such as: MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto; Mt. Muma-Azure Cartier; Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Lion City; you can browse them on the Projects page. If you would like to know more about our projects, you can contact our salesman for more information.

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