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Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

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Project design: Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

Project location: Lanhai Road, Dongtan, Chongming, Shanghai

Project Type: Group Villa

Cooperation content: Exclusive customization of high-end aluminum clad wood doors and windows

Product area: Phase I 20,000㎡, Phase II 15,000㎡

Project style: Tuscany style, Mediterranean style

Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf


When we talk about Beijing, we first think of the courtyards with deep courtyards. When we talk about Shenzhen, we think of skyscrapers lined with tall buildings. When it comes to Shanghai, the modern tone of Shiliyangchang, the style and heritage of villas and mansions are the best architectural language of this city.

Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

Today, Shanghai, where every inch of land and every inch of gold is constantly refreshed in breadth and height, but in addition to the high-rise buildings that penetrate into the sky, there is another kind of landmark hidden in the intersection of natural scenery and human civilization-they are unique cultural heritage ” villa”.

Lanhai International Golf Villa, located in Dongtan, Chongming, the Pearl of the East China Sea, implies precisely the spiritual needs of Shanghai.

The stretching coastline and the original ecological island landform have created a unique natural landscape for the life in the villa area…Here, you can not only watch the time flow in the Tuscan-style study room; you can also enjoy the Mediterranean-style garden, Drink tea and chat.

Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

In order to better integrate the concept of eco-environmental protection, at the beginning of the design of the project, great attention was paid to the use of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials. As the eyes of buildings, doors and windows are the weakness of building energy conservation. According to statistics, the annual energy loss through doors and windows is as high as 50% of building energy consumption.

The developer of Lanhai International Golf Villa spent nearly two months investigating and screening the door and window market in detail, and finally chose HOMNTEC aluminum-clad wood doors and windows, which has been focusing on the development and manufacture of high-end door and window systems.

The cooperation between Lanhai Project and HOMNTEC is a combination of brand and quality, and it is also a recognition of HOMNTEC’s position in the aluminum-clad wood doors and windows market.

HOMNTEC doors and windows strictly control product quality, continue to improve after-sales service, so that the project can be completed as scheduled, and a new chapter of high-end residential buildings in Shanghai will be opened with quiet villas, making Lanhai Golf Club an entertainment place for Shanghai elites to relax and relax.

Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

HOMNTEC’s aluminum-clad wood doors and windows use architectural technology to ensure building energy efficiency. At the same time, high-grade sound insulation materials are used to reduce noise by 30 decibels or more after closing the windows. It pays attention to the comfort needs of users and perfectly realizes quiet life.

As a customized brand of high-end aluminum-clad wood doors and windows in China, HOMNTEC pays more attention to the leadership of high-end doors and windows, helping China’s door and window industry continue to upgrade and innovate. Extremely strict material selection standards and meticulous polishing of every detail make HOMNTEC’s aluminum-clad wood doors and windows conform to a variety of architectural styles. Like the Tuscan style and Mediterranean style contained in the Lanhai International Golf Villa project, only the door and window styles that perfectly match the building can enhance the sense of inheritance and ceremony of the building.

Nicklaus and his son “Golden Bear”, the legend of Asian golf

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