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MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

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MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

Project Name: MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

Building Type: Hotel Resort

Project Location: Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Cooperation content: Hongmingtai 200TS lifting sliding door


Backed by the mountains, facing the water, the green forest is fully dyed, viewing cherry blossoms in spring and maple leaves in autumn. Each view room has a large window facing nature.

MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

At the foot of Arashiyama, next to Togetsukyo Bridge

Adjacent to Guichuan, they form an interesting contrast

Singing birds are heard on both sides of the strait, and a light boat passes through Lanshan 

MUNI KYOTO is located at

Kyoto, Japan, has a long history and infinite charm

Togetsukyo Bridge is just around the corner!

Hotel MUNI KYOTO,Not only provide a suitable rest space here,The building itself has also become a scenic spot.

 MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

There is a bamboo forest path behind you. When you go out, turn right and go down a few steps, and you can go boating on Guichuan. A short walk from MUNI KYOTO is the Kyoto Museum of Art and Togetsukyo Bridge. It is worthy of being the top hotel in Kyoto, with an excellent location.

MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

The renovation of the hotel will be completed in 2020, and online reservations will be accepted from March 26.

There are only 21 rooms in the entire hotel, each of which can see the beautiful view of the valley, even the century-old cherry blossoms and maple trees stretch out in front of the window, and any window view is an elegant Kyoto fine art painting.

MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

The hotel’s guest rooms are divided into three categories. The first floor is a garden terrace. Each room has an outdoor terrace. A huge balcony is built to appreciate the beauty of the four seasons, which is full of Japanese aesthetic characteristics.

MUNI KYOTO Hotel in Kyoto, Japan

The second floor is a river view room, from which you can overlook the symbol of Arashiyama: Togetsu Bridge and the River Kwai. Surrounded by undulating mountains, autumn is the best place to enjoy the red leaves all over the mountains.

MUNI KYOTO not only has the comfort of a modern hotel, but also revives the feeling of an ancient holiday residence.

On the second and third floors, MINI villas of more than 70㎡ were planned and designed, like a private residence by the water, hidden in a secret place in Arashiyama.

In the case of Japan where every inch of land is very expensive, the room area of ​​the villa is already very good.

In every room, there are hidden details everywhere,

The walls are finished in the soft color of raw wood, which blends in with the rich nature of Arashiyama,

The natural charm of Japanese architecture is restored, and the long-standing Kyoto culture inhabits every space.

Each of the 21 rooms has a large window with a height of 2.9m and a width of 3.5m.

This large window is the 200TS lifting sliding door from Qingdao Hongmingtai, China.

Each large window opens across the terrace overlooking nature, the lovely gardens and the river,

When the morning light comes through the 400-year-old maple trees, mixed with the chirping of birds and cicadas, accompanied by the gurgling water, the gentleness and space comfort of MUNI KYOTO are integrated.

In fact, the big tree is the place where you can feel the changes of the four seasons.

Each large window is also a hundred-year-old tree, which may come from African forests or North American forest farms. They once guarded a piece of land, and now they are transformed into the shape of windows to protect people’s lives.

While admiring the scenery, you will inadvertently catch a glimpse of the texture of the years on the window frame, experience countless flowers blooming and fading, dawn and dusk, and finally meet perfection.


In traditional Japanese-style rooms, most of the furniture and partitions are beautifully made of log materials.

Because it is a top-level hotel, MUNI KYOTO maintains a stable and high standard in all aspects. It not only pays attention to the beauty of this Japanese-style room, but also makes the sound insulation of the room perfect.


The craftsmen use traditional woodworking techniques, based on the “modern high-end aluminum-clad wood doors and windows” production process, after more than 130 production processes to refine a window with excellent sound insulation, in line with the modern warm and comfortable atmosphere of MUNI KYOTO.


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