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Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

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Project name: Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

Project location: Pure high-end low-density area in the center of Muma Mountain, Chengdu, Sichuan

Architectural Design: American Dahlin Design Team & Hong Kong TCDL Chen Jianzhong Team

Building Type: Detached Villa

Architectural style: British, French

Construction area: 1400 mu

Project Honor: One of China’s Top Ten Super Mansions

Cooperation content: aluminum-clad wood products & wood-aluminum composite products

Cooperation area: the first, second and third phases are 44,000㎡, and the fourth phase is 19,600㎡


Mumashan Azure Cartier is a home and a family; it is a luxury house and it is the family destination of “one house for a lifetime”!

The palace-like architecture, the beautiful scenery of the four seasons, the luxurious facilities of the high-end clubhouse, the butler-style caring service… The romantic, noble and elegant Cartier has become a classic handed down since its birth.

United States Dowling Architectural Design Team & Hong Kong Chen Jianzhong Team worked together to create a stylish and modern interpretation of British and French classics. The selection of building materials is particularly demanding. Top-grade stone materials and exquisite craftsmanship make every detail as delicate as a work of art.

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

Select the vegetation at the same latitude from all over the world to create beautiful scenery in four seasons. With unimaginable landscape planning, we have achieved an unprecedented landscape feast, making every return home a garden trip.

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

As one of China’s top ten super-luxury houses, the price is more than the price, because life is worth treating as a treasure. The difference between luxury goods and noble goods is not the price, but the value.

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

In order to give more possibilities to high-end residential life. Mumashan Azure Cartier reproduces the luxurious celebrity life scene in private high-end residences. The highly artistic HOMNTEC doors and windows bring a more profound aesthetic feeling to this handed down mansion that combines the royal garden style and the forest park scene.

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

Whether it’s the North American black walnut, which is said to be as good as ebony, or the Brazilian rosewood, which is both natural and humanistic, or the reserved Burmese black thread teak, the warm and firm Brazilian rosewood , standing on the window sill, also creates a different kind of scenery, with the power of calmness.

Looking at China today, whether it is the elite or the people at the top, when the material wings are full, giving the spiritual world a place to rest has become the ideal pursued by most of them.

So we “turn the home into an art gallery”, and we hope that “this home” can give life more elegant connotations in addition to architecture and landscape.

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

We are committed to this, and treat every process with care, so that every door and window has RC2 level or even better anti-theft performance, every detail is extremely environmentally friendly, and every glass is energy-saving and heat-resistant to meet the greatest functional requirements. , so that the home presents a tranquil aesthetic feeling.

After experiencing the unpredictable life situation, the vicissitudes of life are scattered all over the place, and I am more attracted to the charming and affectionate hidden in the corner. The beauty of Sanshui and five courtyards is like a painting, staying in the continuous jungle with thoughts, stopping, and moving forward …

There is a degree of relaxation, singing and answering, this is the residence that the heart yearns for, and it is also the “Peach Blossom Garden” created by HOMNTEC Doors and Windows and the Azure Cartier project.

Mt. Muma·Azure Cartier

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