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Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel

Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel

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Project Name: Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel

Project area: 360,000 square meters

Project location: Yingbin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Project Development: Guangzhou Chimelong Group Co., Ltd.

Project Design: Phase 1: Jointly signed by Canada WHITE WATER & Canada FORREC

Phase II: Beijing Oriental Huatai Architectural Design Company & Guangzhou Jimei Group Interior Design Company

Cooperation content: Hongmingtai wood-aluminum composite products

Cooperation area: 16000㎡

Founded in 1989, Guangzhou Chimelong Group integrates the operation of theme parks, luxury hotels, business exhibitions, high-end catering, entertainment and leisure. It is a large-scale high-quality enterprise group in my country’s tourism industry and a world-class large-scale comprehensive tourism enterprise.

Guangzhou Chimelong Hotel is located in the bustling area of ​​Yingbin Avenue, Panyu, Guangzhou. Under the cover of dense green trees, tourists step into a kingdom dedicated to selling joy: Chimelong Paradise on the left, Xiangjiang Wildlife World on the right, Chimelong in front The golf practice center is next to Guangzhou Crocodile Park, adjacent to Chimelong Water Park and Chimelong International Circus; the hotel also has the only atrium garden in China where white tigers and flamingos are stocked.


As a hotel, Chimelong has guest rooms and suites that incorporate different ecological concepts. It was rated as the best theme hotel in China, and won the “World Hotel Five Continents Diamond Award Top Ten Featured Boutique Hotels” award issued by the World Hotel Federation.

There are 1,500 ecologically themed guest rooms, and the building as a whole is in the shape of a Hakka enclosure, climbing up the mountain step by step. The large-scale animal island in the central area of ​​the hotel is another unique ecological landscape in the unique architectural form of Chimelong Hotel.


Also as a hotel, Chimelong has inherited and developed the traditional spirit of lightness, transparency and precision workmanship of Chinese gardens in the macro level of the overall layout of the courtyard, garden architecture and engineering, flower planting and other detailed levels.

In order to make the vitality of the garden play a more important role in space construction, Chimelong Hotel has further deliberated on the location of each room, the relationship between orientation and terrain, plants, and animals in terms of room configuration. Through the eyes of architecture— —The rational design of doors and windows perfectly presents the plant landscape with distinct layers and rich seasonal changes in front of the world.


Nobility is best reflected in the subtleties. Chimelong Hotel and China’s high-end aluminum-clad wood doors and windows custom brand, a market-leading high-end door and window operator, China’s top ten brands of aluminum-wood doors and windows, China’s green authentic home furnishing brand… many honors added The powerful combination of Hongmingtai brand opens a new chapter of China’s high-end theme hotels, perfectly presenting a complete and clear sequence of landscape spaces.


In addition, in the 360,000-square-meter Chimelong Hotel, Hongmingtai’s doors and windows are made of 16,000-square-meter wood-aluminum composite products to jointly create 360 ​​kinds of joy around the world; People fall asleep with peace of mind, thus laying a good foundation for warm and comfortable room service.


Through the simple outlines and lines of Hongmingtai’s window, the goal of harmonious coexistence between humans, animals and plants is realized, which meets the integration requirements of Chimelong Hotel’s outward-looking space and environment. The combination of natural environment, cultural environment and regional characteristics makes the theme and brand of the hotel more completely expressed.

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