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Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

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Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

Project Name | Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

Case Type | Single-family villa private customization

Product series | HOMNTEC aluminum-clad wood doors and windows series

Precious Wood | Brazilian Rosewood Series


Living in a courtyard, the heart returns to the poetic cloud, injecting the high-level sense of Brazilian rosewood into life, and turning the space into a personalized and new visual space.

Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

Today, this house is located in the prestigious Rainbow Bay villa group in Xiangtan, Hunan. The owner condenses the artistic conception from the landscape paintings, grasps the blank space from the calligraphy works, and has an insight into the advancement from science and technology. It combines simple poetry with modern tolerance, and allows art to be inherited. Dialogue with the development of science and technology, in the hustle and bustle of a city, build an inner poetic high platform.

Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

A courtyard, a residence, is far from being a shelter from the wind. People are hoping to have the excitement of “talking and laughing with great scholars, and communication without white people”, and they are also praying for a kind of tranquility where “the music returns to the courtyard, and the lights go down to the building”.

Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

The Chinese-style atmosphere of Wangfu is created with calm wood colors. The full floor-to-ceiling glass windows fully bring the courtyard scenery into the room. In the morning and evening, the glow of the sun and the stars, you don’t have to walk in the clouds, but you can also look up at the starry sky and wander in reverie.

Spring breeze and jade dew, withered leaves and autumn cicadas, in the change of winter and summer, a window allows people to record a moment, and it seems to witness eternity.

Rainbow Bay Villa in Fuyao Tianxia, ​​Xiangtan, Hunan

The oriental charm lies in the breath of writing and ink. This writing is not only a book and a painting in a narrow sense, but also a piece of food and drink in life.

In the pen, ink, paper and inkstone is the character of one stroke and one stroke, and in the mortise and tenon structure is the integrity of one horizontal and one vertical. Here we do not seek to look at the future or reflect on the past. We just simply hope to meet ourselves.

The windows are bright and clean, forming a kind of view and interaction between indoors and outdoors, and the space becomes more transparent and interesting.

In addition, the double-height design also greatly increases the volume of the space, presenting a shocking sense of super-large scale.

The moment you enter the room, you can already feel the short-term solemnity, and then leave behind the turmoil in the city, sit quietly and meditate, and feel the abundance and fullness of your heart.

The owner prefers Brazilian rosewood, and prefers its texture that becomes thicker and warmer with time.

Hongmingtai’s aluminum-clad wood doors and windows combine traditional mortise and tenon structure with modern technology to fully reflect the natural beauty of Brazilian rosewood.

The aluminum-clad wood doors and windows made of Brazilian rosewood are the main products of the HOMNTEC brand, and their bright colors are more suitable for reflecting the warmth and style of the family. Its excellent stability makes it suitable for the climate and environment in various parts of China.

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